Rigas Ritmi 2020 artist Roberto Fonseca receives positive reviews from critics

This year, Roberto Fonseca, considered to be the brightest Cuban pianist nowadays, will be one of the main artists at the Rigas Ritmi Festival. His latest album Yesun, released late last year, continues to receive positive reviews from music critics.
January 20, 2020, 11:40
Kaspars Zaviļeiskis

The latest issue of the leading world music magazine, Songlines, states that “pianist cements his place in the Afro-Cuban hall of fame.” He is called one of the greatest pianists on the world music scene right now. About Fonseca’s ninth own-name album, Songlines magazine writes: “Aided by drummer Raul Herrera and longtime double bassist Yandy Martinez, Fonseca still delves deep into the music of his homeland.”

“Is it necessary for jazz to be “challenging” or “complex” in order to be considered “good”?” On Fonseca's album review rhetorically asks the latest issue of the prestigious JazzTimes magazine. “Pianist Roberto Fonseca blazes few new trails here, despite his blending of styles and influences that some might consider disparate, if not oppositional.”

“There’s a sonic fullness to Yesun, despite it being mostly a trio date," writes the legendary jazz magazine DownBeat. “But that’s a testament to the ensemble’s dynamic range, as well as the leader's command on acoustic piano, as well as various keyboards. Fonseca certainly shows off his percussive touch and boundless improvisational prowess intermittently. But most importantly, he shows a flair for succinct melodicism.”

Fonseca, a 44-year-old pianist and singer, is a bright Cuban musician who is not afraid to mix jazz, funk, bossa nova, salsa, mambo, rumba, flamenco, reggaeton, hip-hop and spoken word.

In Riga, Fonseca will perform on the world tour promoting the latest album Yesun.