Riga Jazz Quartet


Jānis Rubiks

The bass player who has won a solid position in the Latvian jazz scene and has also been laureate of Riga Jazz Stage.

Kristaps Vanadziņš

A convincing Latvian jazz pianist and winner of Riga Jazz Stage.

Miķelis Vīte

Miķelis is one of the most demanded drummers in Latvia. He has learned drums and percussion through self-study. Played in various projects with Denis Pashkevich (Latvia), Marnie Hoover (USA), bands called Silvesteri Orkesteri, Fixt and Jorspeis, Riga Gospel Choir, Iva, Jazzik, Man-hu, Dominion Man (Nigeria) and many others.

Rihards Goba

One of the leading guitarists in Latvia with a great international cooperation and performing experience. Member of Latvian Radio Bigband.