Riga Jazz Stage 2023 has been canceled

The international jazz artists competition Riga Jazz Stage 2023 planned for next April, in which young jazz artists vocalists and saxophonists should have participated this time, has been cancelled.
November 1, 2022, 22:29

The organizers of the competition hope for its return in the future, but in the meantime, they offer a video review of the performance of the Artist In Residence of Riga Jazz Stage 2022, the great American singer and drummer Jamison Ross. British vocalist Louise Balkwill and American drummer Domo Branch have been recognized as the winners of the last international competition for jazz artists.

“It’s been such a wonderful competition,” said Louise Balkwill. “Everyone’s been so supportive and welcoming. I am so impressed with Latvian jazz musicians as well and was honored to be in their presence. And I am super excited about an invitation to participate in the Rīgas Ritmi Festival. I can’t wait to come back again."

"I’m very happy and glad that I won but I really don’t think of it as much as of a win," said Domo Branch. "I think everybody won. I think the prize of this competition was that we all got to meet new people here. So many different varieties of music. People’s original music to the arrangements of the standards that they played. I’m from the US. I’ve never met anyone from Turkey or Lithuania, or Latvia. So, it was amazing to meet all these people. I actually had nice conversations with them about life and just being together. I think that’s the win. An overall prize of this competition."

“Competitions like this are an opportunity to showcase your artistry,” said Jamieson Ross. “I really liked those participants who managed to show not only their skills, but also their artistic muscles. I was pleasantly surprised. I was really very interested."

Such reviews were not uncommon both at the last and other contests, so it is hoped that Riga Jazz Stage will again be able to find the support of national cultural institutions and bring Latvia's name and great international music to the world in the near future.