1. Do I have to pay the registration fee when submitting my materials and what are the deadlines for submitting my application?

All materials must be submitted and registration fee paid by January 10, 2020

2. Is the registration fee refunded if the contestant is not invited to the Live Performance Concert in Riga on April 2?

No, the registration fee is non-refundable.

3. Are all contestants who have applied for the Contest and paid the Registration eligible for Live Performance concert in Riga on April 2?

No, only those applicants who have been pre-selected by the jury for the Contest concert will be invited to participate.

Terms and regulation of the Contest - here 

4. Does the registration fee guarantee entry to the Contest?

No, the registration fee has to be paid regardless of whether the potential contestant is selected for the Live Performance in Riga on April 2 or not.


5. What are the age limits to apply for the Contest?

Born after April 6, 1986 (no older than 33 years).

6. Do the organizers cover my accommodation costs during the Contest in Riga?

The organizers cover the hotel expenses (with breakfast) during the competition (1 - 5 April; 4 nights). Contestants are accommodated in double rooms (2 contestants in each).


7. What should I do if I arrive in Riga days before the Contest or want to stay in Riga longer after the Contest?  

Any additional costs are paid by the contestant, with a prior notice to the organizers.


8. Do the organizers cover my travel expenses?

No, all travel expenses are paid by the contestant.

Organizers can help with visa application (if needed).


9. Can I apply with a stage name?

Yes, you can, but the official name and surname is still required for the hotel reservations etc.


10. Can I re-participate if I have has previously taken part in the Contest?

Only previous year's First place winners may not re-participate.


11. Can I engage in other music activities that are not connected with „Riga Jazz Stage” during my stay in Riga?

It is forbidden for the contestant to perform in other events in Latvia one week before and one week after the Contest. If there are any, please, inform the organizers about that in advance.  

12. My registration fee payment has failed - what could be the problem? 

Most common reasons can include:

  • Your card has reached its limit
  • Your card has expired
  • Your bank is reviewing the charges for fraud risk
  • Your bank account currency is not EURO* 
  • The billing information does not match the billing information on your card

If your card fails to be charged multiple times, try using another card or contact the issuing bank for further details.

13. In case I wasn’t chosen for the Live Performance and/or Contest Finale, will my Application Form data still be available for public?

Yes, all submitted applications will be active and visible on rigajazz.lv until next year.


*specially refers to non-Europe countries; in this case applicant should create EURO currency account to do the payment.