Hyeonseon Baek

South Korea



Hyeonseon Baek was born in the Republic of Korea, grown up with various styles of music. He was in Rock Band in High school and studied pop and soul music in Berklee College of music in Boston. One day, Hyeonseon heard great recording "Ella & Louis" then fell in love with jazz.  Later he moved to the Netherlands to study jazz. In his opinion, the most beautiful instrument we have is the voice because we have a language and we can tell and share the story, emotion, feelings with language to the audience and it’s one of the most advantages for the vocalist. He also loves to scat, he inspired by Mel Torme, Kurt Elling, and many other Jazz musicians. He is happy to apply for the Riga Jazz contest, and look forward to performing. Hyeonseon thinks that it must be a great experience and believes that it takes his to another level of music.