Toms Lipskis


5. Landscape
Humpty Dumpty


Toms is a young Latvian musician, who is better known as a bass player and composer in jazz scene. His musical language includes a lot of different elements from such genres as contemporary, jazz, classical, pop, rock, free jazz and more. 

Toms has performed as a bass player in various projects in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia and China. He has finished Master in jazz department in Latvian Music Academy of Jazeps Vitols, where he studied together with Taavo Remmel. During Copenhagen Jazz Camp, Toms had a chance to study composition together with Jacob Anderskov, Myra Melford, Eirik Hegdal and Fredrik Lundin, Jeppe Zeeberg, Matana Roberts, Kris Davis. Toms has collaborated with such artists as Dominique Eade, Seamus Blake, Alan Harris, Gianni Gagliardi, Brian Melvin and more.
In 2016 Toms released his debut album “Holographic projections” with jazz quintet and string quartet.