Nojus Drasutis



Nojus started discovering music in his childhood, taking acoustic guitar lessons at age of 7. When he was 11, he switched to bass and then his journey started. He joined music school's jazz band and met his jazz mates, with whom he performs frequently. He also plays with various jazz projects such as Deimantas Jurevičius group, Muzika, kuri gimė vakar and Silient Blast Quintet witch whom they performed in such festivals as Nishville Jazz, Serbia (where they played before jazz legend Tom Harrell), Lotos Jazz, Poland, Jazz Kaar, Estonia, and Jazz Unity, Ukraine. Apart from that, Nojus played in almost all Lithuanian Jazz stages. In 2017 he won 2nd place (bass category) in Lithuanian guitar competition "Gitarų Šėlsmas". He's now studying bass guitar and music in general from S. Sopelevas-Vysocki, V. Labutis, O. Molokojedov, L. Šinkarenko.