Terms & Conditions

This information regulates and specifies the conditions required in order to apply for the International Jazz Artist Contest “Riga Jazz Stage 2020”, organized by the non-profit organization Contemporary Music Centre Foundation (further in text – MMC) in Riga, Latvia. In this document, Contemporary Music Centre Foundation is referred to as ‘organizer’.


1.1. International Jazz Artist Contest “Riga Jazz Stage 2020” (further in text – RJS) is open to jazz artists of all nationalities in two categories – Jazz Vocal & Jazz Piano;

1.2. Applicants should not be older than 30 years – born on or after the 2nd of April, 1990;

1.3. Organizers mandate that any applying contestant under sixteen (16) years old is required to submit authorization of one of his/her parents or the legal guardian and must send it included in the personal portfolio.


2.1. Applicants must register for the contest at the official website of the International jazz artists contest “Riga Jazz Stage 2020” – www.rigajazz.lv – choosing Application Form module;

2.2. Applicants must pay a registration fee;

2.3. Applicants must submit a short biography (.doc, .pdf or .page; 100-200 words);

2.4. Applicants must submit three (3) high-quality landscape photos suitable for publications (.jpg, .png; lot less than 300dpi);

2.5. Applicants must submit three (3) high-quality audio materials (.mp3, .mp4).

2.5.1. The repertoire must include compositions in the following styles:

Jazz Vocal:
- jazz standard (up tempo);
- jazz standard (ballad);
- free choice.

Jazz Drums:
- jazz standard
- jazz standard (playing with brushes)
- drums solo

2.5.2. The original name and author of each piece must be stated.

2.6. Applicants must submit one (1) good quality video recordings (link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo);

2.7. Applicants must submit a copy of passport (.jpg, png, pdf);

2.8. Applicants are recommended to send in the feedback of their previous musical activities from media, e.g., press releases, reviews of concerts, photos, recordings, etc. via e-mail contest@rigajazz.lv (indicating name and surname) in addition to the Application Form.

2.9. Uncompleted portfolios will be rejected and the applications will be revoked. The received materials will not be returned;

2.10. In case of any problems or technical errors while uploading the materials, please send them to the e-mail contest@rigajazz.lv or (subject: Application Form; You can also write to this e-mail regarding any other questions You have)

2.11. In case video materials and/or music sheets are submitted damaged (inaudible/unreadable) organizers will inform the applicant about the issue.

2.12. Only the Grand Prix winners of previous years' contests cannot apply repeatedly.


3.1. All applicants of the International Jazz Artists contest must pay a registration fee in amount of EUR 100 (transaction fees and taxes are not included);

3.2. The Application Fee must be paid via money transfer;

3.3.  Money transfer to the “Contemporary Music Centre” should consider the subject “RJS 2020 Application Fee Name Surname”;

3.4. Any bank charges and commissions are the responsibility of the applicant;

3.5. Bank details of the receiver:

Musdienu Muzikas Centrs Fonds
Registration number:  LV40008018388
Bank: SEB bank
Account number:  LV81UNLA0050003623119

3.6. After successfully proceeding the payment transfer, Applicant should save the Payment Order in PDF and send it to contest@rigajazz.lv;

3.7. The registration fee is non-refundable, regardless whether the contestant is/is not accepted in the final of the RJS contest (except in the Point 10.1.).


4.1. The International jazz artists contest RJS consists of three rounds and Gala concert with award ceremony on the  6th of April 2019:

1st round or Application and Pre-selection | 11.2018 - 04.02.2020.

2nd round or Live Performance | 02.04.2020.

3rd round or Final | 03.04.2019.

4.2. Participants can apply till the 19th of January, 2020

4.3.During the Pre-selection, the Judges will listen to the materials submitted by the contestants. Jury will choose not more than 21 contestants who will  receive an invitation to participate in the Live-Performance in Splendid Palace in Riga, Latvia on the 2nd of April, 2020;

4.4. Decision of the Jury will be announced and invitation will be sent separately and individually to each participant of the International jazz artists contest RJS on the 3rd of February;

4.5. Each contestant, who is invited to the Live-Performance concert in Riga, Latvia, performs one (1) song/tune (free choice; max. 5 minutes);

4.6. After the Live-Performance Judge announces contestants to perform at the Final on the 2nd of April, 2020;

4.7. Contestants perform two (2) entirely new songs (both together max. 7 minutes) at the Final concert of the contest;

4.8. Judge announces the winners at the Awarding Ceremony of the contest on the 6th of April, 2020.


5.1. Monetary prizes:

Jazz Vocal

Place Prize
1st Place EUR 1500*
2nd Place EUR 1000*
3rd Place EUR 700*

 Jazz Drums

Place Prize
1st Place EUR 1500*
2nd Place EUR 1000*
3rd Place EUR 700*

5.2. Contestants receive exclusive invitations from Rigas Ritmi Festival, Venezia Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Lincoln Center NYC, Nardis Jazz Club, Jazz Time Fest, Kaunas Jazz. 

5.3. The special Maestro Raimonds Pauls prize EUR 1000*;

5.4. Jury and contestant organizers may arrange additional prizes such as Grand Prix, Audience Awards, and others;

5.5. Each winner must personally receive his/her prize;

5.6. Any commission in case of any wrong bank account information provided by the Contestant has to be pay by the Contestant.

* Monetary prizes are paid via PayPal or Google Wallet or money transfer. According to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, personal income tax in the amount of 23% is withheld from the money prize.


6.1. The international Judge panel of the RJS contest consists of world-class musicians, music producers and festival directors and organizers;

6.2. Judge panel members are chosen by the qualified members of the organizer team, the “Contemporary Music Centre”;

6.3. Each member of the Judge panel will judge according to his/her own knowledge and level of professional qualification;

6.4. All Judge decisions are final and non-appealable.


7.1. All contestants commit themselves to be professional and punctual during the whole time of the contest (all rehearsals and both – Live Performance and Final concert); otherwise, the organizer holds the rights to disqualify the contestant;

7.2. All contestants promise to prepare music sheets of good quality for the accompanying band and to be ready to send in music sheets to the organizers of the contest upon request after the pre-selection. Contestant organizers do not except bag quality files of the music sheets, and handwritten music sheets;

7.3. All contestants promise to allow the organizers to use their full name and any materials from contestant portfolios (information of previous musical experience, photos, etc.) associated with the contest for promotional purposes for an unlimited period;

7.4. All contestants are expected to make themselves available for all and any activities planned by the organisers, media interviews and performances during the time period of the contest;

7.5. All contestants promise to abjure royalties and compensation for any photographic, audio or video material that may be taken during the rehearsals, Live Performance and Final concerts;

7.6. All contestants promise to be professional and to consider his/her stage presence and attire – dress and costume must not be casual;

7.7. All contestants are strictly prohibited to use and appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances during the any rehearsals of the contest, as well as –  final and super-final concerts, and awarding ceremony;

7.8. All contestants cannot perform at any other events (concerts, jam sessions, etc.) and/or venues two weeks prior and one week after the contest, if it is not coordinated with the organizers of the International jazz artists contest RJS;

7.9. Each participant warrants that he/she is the author/copyright holder of the submitted recordings. The organizer accepts no responsibility for any breaches of the (copy)rights of third parties. Each participant shall indemnify the organizer for all possible claims of third parties in this respect. Recordings which third parties may assert rights to are not accepted;

7.10. In case of a breach of any of the rules and also in case the contestant fails to fulfil any of the before mentioned duties, organizers of the contest are entitled to exclude them from the contest;

7.11. Transport costs to and from Riga must be paid by the contestant;

7.12. If contestant requires any visas, they must contact the nearest Latvian Embassy or council in their respective home country. All the costs of visas are paid by the contestant (visa, invitation etc.)


8.1. Rehearsals with accompanying band for each contestant;

8.2. The organizer provides the following equipment (Jazz Quartet) to the finalists during their performance: an acoustic piano, a drum kit, TBA, a saxophone amp and a full PA system (including technicians);

8.3. Accommodation (4* hotel with breakfast) during the contest from 1st to 5th of April (4 nights), 2019 (hotel check-in at 14:00, April 3; check-out until 12:00, April 5); All extra fees are paid by the contestant.


9.1. Participants grant the organizer the non-exclusive right to:

9.1.1. To film, tape-record, broadcast or photograph the contestants for media;

9.1.2. To produce informational materials about the contest and contestants;

9.2. Recordings submitted by an Applicant and the recordings made of the performances during RJS will be available for public, and may be used for promotional purposes for the benefit of the RJS contest;

9.3. These rights apply worldwide and contest RJS Applicant recognize they will not receive any corresponding fee.


10.1. If the contest is canceled due to the fault of organizers, the Application Fee must be returned to the contestant no longer than 6 months after 6th April, 2020;

10.2. In the case of force majeure (war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption)), the organisers reserve the rights to modify the rules of the contest, as well as the venue of the rehearsals and concerts;

10.3. If the contest is cancelled due to the force majeure registration fee will not be returned to the contestant;

10.4. International jazz artists contest „Riga Jazz Stage 2020” is not to be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred because of cancellation.


11.1. Participation in the contest implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules. All issues that are not addressed explicitly in these rules shall be settled sovereignly by the organizer.

11.2. The decisions of the Judge are final and non-appealable.